Ed O’Bannon enters the DawgHouse on Dawg Sports Radio

In this episode of The Dawg House, Marsellas is joined by former UCLA basketball star Ed O’Bannon to discuss various topics surrounding Ed’s lawsuit against the NCAA. Ed discusses the origins of his lawsuit, the impact that he believes the ruling will have on the NCAA and the future of amateurism in college athletics. Check it out below


The DawgHouse on Dawg Sports radio part 2 of our interview with Rennie Curran

Check out today’s edition of the DawgHouse. Part two of Joey & Marsellas’ interview with Rennie Curran. Rennie Curran speaks about his life, his time at UGA, the NFL & CFL, his future & more! Check it out here: 

The DawgHouse on Dawg Sports Radio with special guest Rennie Curran


Happy Friday folks!!! With G-Day right around the corner, we interviewed former UGA linebacker Rennie Curran to talk about his expectations for this year’s G-Day; What was spring practice like for him when he was at UGA and how he prepared for G-day; funny lockeroom stories and more!!!! Great guest! This is only part one of our interview with Rennie. Part two on Wednesday will be about Rennie talking about his career; his motivations; and his future! Check out here: 

Rennie Curran is the author of  “Free Agent – The Perspectives of A Young African American Athlete”, motivational speaker, musician, and linebacker for the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League. You can follow him on twitter: @RennieCurran53, Instagram: RennieCurran, or visit his website at www.renniecurran.com.

The DawgHouse on Dawg Sports Radio with special guest Lauren Teknipp

Happy Hump Day, Folks! Joey Ripley & Marsellas Williams interviewed former UGA Volleyball Player Lauren Teknipp. She is smart, beautiful, & she loves “The Office”! We talked about her volleyball career, her career goals, & we asked her the 3 intriguing questions. We also talked about UGA baseball, Equestrian news; & the Top 5 Greatest Tight Ends in UGA football history! Shouts out to Richard Appleby. Listen here: 

The Dawg House on Dawg Sports Radio with special guest UGA Linebacker Christian Robinson

Happy Wednesday folks!!! Hump Day! Today Joey Ripley & Marsellas Williams interview former UGA linebacker Christian Robinson. We ask Christian about his time as member of the bulldogs; who he expects to break out this year in spring practice; and his time as GA/Quality Control Assistant at Georgia. Plus more UGA football news & recapping baseball/ softball. Great Show; Great Guest. Check it out here:  

This week’s episodes of the Dawg House

Hey guys, hope your enjoying March Madness! Shouts out to the UGA Men’s Basketball team; they play today at 12:40 pm against Izzo and the boys of Michigan State! Here are the links to Monday, Wednesday & today’s show for this week at the Dawg House. Check the links below and thanks for listening:

Monday: We talked about Georgia’s chances in the NCAA tournament; previewed UGA spring football practice and recapped the weekend in Georgia sports: 

Wednesday: We talked with UGA broadcast journalism major Justin Fedich about UGA Women’s Basketball and possible replacements for Andy Landers;  Georgia Pro Day; and March Madness Brackets: 

Friday: On today’s show we have on guest Jaylon Thompson, sports writer for the Red & Black who cover UGA softball, and talked the dominant start that the softball team is having this year; plus we talk a bit about Georgia spring practice and UGA basketball versus Michigan State: 

Hump day edition of the DawgHouse on Dawgsports Radio – 3/11/2015


Hump Day, Hump Day, Hump Day! This is literally true for some ya’ll on Springbreak. On today’s show Joey Ripley & Marsellas Williams look at Georgia’s chances in the upcoming SEC Basketball Tournament; we catch up on Georgia football as spring practice gets nearer; we discuss the racist incident at Oklahoma and how it will affect recruiting; we talk UGA baseball and softball; & FAN MAIL!!! Check out it here: http://vspor.to/18zPgAr