The DawgHouse on Dawg Sports radio part 2 of our interview with Rennie Curran

Check out today’s edition of the DawgHouse. Part two of Joey & Marsellas’ interview with Rennie Curran. Rennie Curran speaks about his life, his time at UGA, the NFL & CFL, his future & more! Check it out here: 

The DawgHouse on Dawg Sports Radio with special guest Rennie Curran


Happy Friday folks!!! With G-Day right around the corner, we interviewed former UGA linebacker Rennie Curran to talk about his expectations for this year’s G-Day; What was spring practice like for him when he was at UGA and how he prepared for G-day; funny lockeroom stories and more!!!! Great guest! This is only part one of our interview with Rennie. Part two on Wednesday will be about Rennie talking about his career; his motivations; and his future! Check out here: 

Rennie Curran is the author of  “Free Agent – The Perspectives of A Young African American Athlete”, motivational speaker, musician, and linebacker for the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League. You can follow him on twitter: @RennieCurran53, Instagram: RennieCurran, or visit his website at