The DawgHouse on Dawg Sports radio part 2 of our interview with Rennie Curran

Check out today’s edition of the DawgHouse. Part two of Joey & Marsellas’ interview with Rennie Curran. Rennie Curran speaks about his life, his time at UGA, the NFL & CFL, his future & more! Check it out here: 

All Walks Of Life: A Young Muslim Woman’s Perspective Part 1


Najla Abdulelah is the president of  the University of Georgia’s Muslim Student Association–former president since she has now graduated–and she was a guest on my podcast last month. We talked about her childhood in Iraq, her experiences when she first arrived in America, and the misconceptions about Muslims and Islam. You can also check it out on iTunes at this link:

All Walks Of Life: Conversations with Rance Nix


Rance Nix is one of the most uplifting and coolest people I’ve ever met. Rance is one of the most popular guys in the city of Athens and on UGA’s campus–And now, I know why. We chatted how he became so popular on campus; being a local personality; starring in music videos with T.I., Ludacris, and Travis Scott; How he deals with the Ladies; Being a little person; and my 10 intriguing questions! One of my favorite podcast conversations! You can also check it out on Itunes at this link:

All Walks Of Life: Classy Kelly


I had an excellent, and classy conversation with, Cheryl Kelly, a law student at the University of Georgia School of Law. We talked about race, growing up in a biracial home, dating, men and women, law school, religion, Black America and my ten intriguing questions! She’s coming out with a blog soon called the Legally Chic!