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This page is home to the All Walks Of Life Podcast. Here you will find the archive of the podcast. The podcast is a conversation about, well, anything. I love to just talk to people I find interesting, and about topics I find interesting: culture, politics, relationships, religion, sports, and other things. The conversations are funny and interesting. You will laugh and think, which is the primary goal of each conversation. You can also subscribe on ITunes, just search for All Walks Of Life. Here is the ITunes link: Thanks for viewing this page. Be Bless.

Jawad Nasir

Jawad Nasir is a smart guy who studying in America for one year. He’s also the founder of Humans of UGA, and a Rotary Scholar–yeah, he’s brilliant. He’s from Pakistan, and he and I talked about his experiences here in America, Pakistani culture, Islam, food, and more!

Geoff Newell- Casual.jpg

Is dancing necessary? Well, according to my friend Geoff it is. Geoff Newell is an actor and dancer at the University of Georgia. He and I had a great conversation about acting, ballroom dancing, Colorado, narcissism, UGA’s Ballroom Magic ,Fred Astaire, and my 10 intriguing questions.  We even did a little bit of acting ourselves! Enjoy.


Spain holds a special place in my heart. It is truly a special place to visit. I had great conversation with Juan Melian, a former tennis player at Georgia Tech, about his beautiful country. We talked about the Spanish culture, people, food, football, tennis, women, and more! We recorded this in November. That is a picture from the city of Malaga.

Well, I learned alot about Portuguese culture when I chatted with Manny Coutinho, a student at the University of Georgia. We talked about Portuguese food, people, religion, wine,Portuguese women vs American women, football, and my 10 intriguing questions. You can also listen on iTunes as well at this link:


I had great conversation with Jenna Lee Jackson, the current Miss University of Georgia. We talked about competing in pageants, being Miss UGA,  law school, tv shows, religion, and my 10 intriguing questions. Part 2 coming later this month. You can also check it out on ITunes at this link:

Krunal Shah is the Graduate Student Association President at the University of Georgia. We discuss politics, the economy, fraternity life, gay marriage and abortion, and more! You can also check it out on ITunes at:

I  had great conversations with the political director of the Young Democrats at the University of Georgia, Alex Rowell. We talked about politics: Obamacare, Obama, republicans, gay marriage, 2016, and more! This is a little old but it’s still a good conversation.


I had a great conversation with Sasha Legette, a former teacher in the Atlanta public school system who now is a law student at the University of Georgia School of Law. We talked about teaching, running a classroom, how to deal with students, the education system, and more! Really good conversation.


I had a fun, lively conversation with Homer Wilson, the owner of Wilson’s Barbershop in Athens, Ga. We talked about the civil rights movement, Dr. King, segregation, Today’s generation, women, and my 10 intriguing questions! I really, really enjoyed this conversation.

I had a great conversations about the world of Genetics and Hinduism with Pankti Patel, a student at the University of Georgia. We talked about genetics, Hinduism, beliefs and practices of Hindus, life as an Indian American and more!!


I had fantastic conversation with UGA law student and AKA member, Whitney Judson. We talked about sorority life, stepping, running track, law school, and my 10 intriguing questions. Click below to listen.

I had a great and insightful conversation about Sikhism with Harshaan Sethi, a student at UGA. We talked about history of Sikhism, their beliefs and practices, views on Heaven and Hell, why they wear turbans, and my 10 intriguing questions!

itunes pic

I had a very interesting conversation with the president of the Objectivist Club at University of Georgia, Brian Underwood. We talk about the objectivism becoming more popular in recent years, Ayn Rand, politics, Objectivism’s position on certain topics, and my 10 intriguing questions

I had an insightful conversation with Anna Tanski, a member of the Baha’i faith here at the University of Georgia. We talk about beliefs of the Baha’i, their messenger, holy book,their thoughts on Jesus, and my 10 intriguing questions.

I had very fun and informative conversation with Jeff Dawson about Judaism. We talk about Jewish beliefs, culture, Jesus, Orthodox Judaism, Jewish food and weddings, and my 10 intriguing questions. Check it out! By the way that’s not him above.


I had great conversation with former homicide detective, Mike Sellers. We talk about his career as a detective, chasing bad guys, doing undercover work, life as a cop, and my 10 intriguing questions. Also go to Mike’s website to check out some cool wood products. Check it out below:

I had a fantastic conversation with my friend Cheng. He is Chinese and he attends the University of Georgia Law School. We talk about Chinese politics and culture, law school, relationships, learn some Chinese and my 10 intriguing questions. Check it out below:

itunes pic

I had a great conversation with the former Miss Black & Gold and current University of Georgia Law Student Kelcee Jones Connor. We talk Georgia, law school, sorority life, culture, and the 10 intriguing questions at the end. Check it out!

I had a funny, interesting conversation with a comedian from India. We talk about Indian culture, India, stand-up, women, and the 10 intriguing questions. This is really good. Check it out below:

I had a great conversation about politics with my friend Sawyer Duncan. We talk about why he is a Republican, what he hates about his party, 2016 candidates, gay marriage, and the 10 ten intriguing questions. Check it out below:

itunes pic

I have a great conversations with a bodybuilder, gun-lover, and, most importantly, one of my best friends Austin. We talk about bodybuilding, women, guns, the military,favorite animals and more! That’s a picture of him above. Check it out! Click the link below:′

I had a great conversation with an old friend from High School, Lee Allen. We talk about married life, UGA football and college life, High School, and more. Check it out! 

I have funny, interesting conversation with a guy from Germany. We talk about German Beer, culture, American girls vs Germany girls, food, & more. Check it Out! 

Conversations with my Mormon friend Tavish: We talk about Joseph Smith, Baptism for the Dead, What goes on inside Mormon temples, why Mormons don’t drink tea and coffee & more. Check it Out! 


New Podcast with Tim Ridgley on Travyon vs the Chicago murders, Trading Stock, The Lakers, & French Black Women. Very funny and insightful conservation. Link Below:

A funny conversation with my friend Kabir from India Interview: “″>Listen to this episode

Joe Heller - Green Bay Press-Gazette - Student Loans - English - Student loans, monsters university, congress

Drowing in a Sea of Student Debt: “”>Listen to this episode

Leroy from Leroy’s Barbershop: “”>Listen to this episode

Taylor Jones - - Kanye West - COLOR - English - west,kanye,video, music, awards,taylor, swift,rap,hip hop,jackass,obama,caricature

Yeezus and the Age of Idolatry: “”>Listen to this episode

J.D. Crowe - Mobile Register - Edward Snowden Traitor or patriot - English - Edward Snowden, NSA, leak

Is Edward Snowden a Patriot?: “”>Listen to this episode

John Cole - The Scranton Times-Tribune - Obama an drones COLOR - English - barack obama, drones, eric holder, memo, secret memo, constitution

Drone coming to a Sky near You: “”>Listen to this episode

Pat Bagley - Salt Lake Tribune - Big Brother Little Brothers - English - NSA, Bluffdale, Utah, Spying, Data, Verizon, Electronic, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Apple, Tech, Obama, Drones, Digital, Storage

Bye, Bye Privacy: “”>Listen to this episode

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