The DawgHouse on Dawg Sports Radio – Ray Drew enters the DawgHouse

Hey Guys Check out our interviews we did with Former UGA Defensive End, Ray Drew! We talk about Faith, Family, and Football in this two-part exclusive interview with the man known as the “Pastor of Disaster.” Check out the links below and share. Go Dawgs!

Part 1:

Part 2:


Ed O’Bannon enters the DawgHouse on Dawg Sports Radio

In this episode of The Dawg House, Marsellas is joined by former UCLA basketball star Ed O’Bannon to discuss various topics surrounding Ed’s lawsuit against the NCAA. Ed discusses the origins of his lawsuit, the impact that he believes the ruling will have on the NCAA and the future of amateurism in college athletics. Check it out below

The Dawg House on Dawg Sports Radio-1/30/2015

Happy Friday Folks!!! Lots of UGA recruiting talk on today’s show hosted again by the one the only, Marsellas Williams!!! Where art thou, Joey? Marsellas talks about Georgia football and the upcoming National Signing Day. Who will commit to the G and who will decommit from the G? That and more on the Dawg House: 

The Dawg House on Dawg Sports Radio-1/28/2015

Hump Day, Folks!!! No Joey Ripley. No problem. Marsellas Williams hosts the Dawg House solo. And might I say it was pretty good.  UGA Men’s bball sweeps Vandy, recruiting updates, & who will be the starting QB next year? And lots more on today’s Dawg House!!! 

All Walks Of Life: Conversations with Jawad Nasir


Jawad Nasir

Jawad Nasir is a smart guy who studying in America for one year. He’s also the founder of Humans of UGA, and a Rotary Scholar–yeah, he’s brilliant. He’s from Pakistan, and he and I talked about his experiences here in America, Pakistani culture, Islam, food, and more! You can also listen on Itunes at this link:


All Walks Of Life: Conversations with Rance Nix


Rance Nix is one of the most uplifting and coolest people I’ve ever met. Rance is one of the most popular guys in the city of Athens and on UGA’s campus–And now, I know why. We chatted how he became so popular on campus; being a local personality; starring in music videos with T.I., Ludacris, and Travis Scott; How he deals with the Ladies; Being a little person; and my 10 intriguing questions! One of my favorite podcast conversations! You can also check it out on Itunes at this link:

All Walks Of Life: Author Miles McClellan


Miles McClellan is the author of Vigil of the Ageless, and he is a pretty interesting guy. We talked about being an author, the writing process, coming up with themes and plots, writers and books that inspired him, religious themes in the book, Vigil of the Ageless and the sequel. Great conversation. Also on Itunes: