Top Buzzerbeaters to close a playoff series

4. Ralph Sampson’s game winner in 1986 against the Los Angeles Lakers. Houston would go on to the lose to the Boston Celtics in the finals that year.

3. Damien Lillard’s game winner against the Houston Rockets this past Friday. “Quiet Assassin” and the Blazers now go to face the San Antonio Spurs.

I like this animated version of the shot:

2. John  Stockton’s game winner vs. the 1997 Houston Rockets.  The Jazz one go to lose against the Chicago Bulls and the number one guy on this list.

!. And Number One. Simply known as the “The Shot”


Daily Bible Verse: Matthew 28:18-20

18 And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Houston in 2014 vs. Houston in 1997

Last night, Damien Lillard hit the game winner over “Handsome” Chandler Parsons to give Portland the series victory over the Houston Rockets. 17 years ago, another “quiet assassin” by the name of John Stockton hit the game winner over Charles Barkley to give the Utah Jazz the series victory over the Houston Rockets. My question is Rockets fans which one hurts worse? Is it me, or do Lillard and Stockton have the same release?

Top 5 signs your favorite NBA team needs a new owner

5. NUMBER FIVE! Your favorite team is owned by a random, mysterious group of business men whom you cannot name. This goes out to you Atlanta Spirit Group. Since their purchase of the franchise in 2005, the Hawks have been stuck in the NBA’s version of the friendzone–going to the playoffs for the last seven years and losing in the first or second round.


4. NUMBER FOUR!  He’s very, very cheap. Shouts out to you Herbert Kohl, who just recently sold the Milwaukee Bucks for $550 million dollars. If your owner does almost virtually nothing to attract solid players to your team, or invest in your stadium, or even appears like he doesn’t like basketball, YOU NEED A NEW OWNER!


3. NUMBER THREE! He names the team after himself. NARCISSISM at its finest!!! Well, at least Charlotte has a “less narcissistic owner” now.  (Honestly, I  believe that the Bobcats have a bright future as the Hornets. I think Jordan’s reputation will change as owner. Fingers crossed)


2. NUMBER TWO! He resigns your aging,veteran superstar–who’s too stubborn to realize that his career is almost over–to a two-year $48 million dollar contract which will greatly damage any chance your franchise has at signing a good free-agent to come play for you over the next two summers. I HATE THE LAKERS, but I LOVE THAT THEY SUCK NOW!


1. And, THE NUMBER ONE sign that your favorite NBA team needs a new owner, two words: DONALD STERLING! You see, ladies and gentleman, before it was revealed that Mr. Sterling sees the players for his basketball team as his own personal slaves, it was pretty well known that this guy was a racist. In 2006, the U.S. Department of Justice sued Sterling for housing discrimination; Sterling had refused to rent non-Koreans in the Koreatown neighborhood and to African Americans in Beverly Hills. Sterling is quoted to have said: “I don’t like renting to Hispanics because they “smoke, drink, and just hang around the building” and “Black tenants smell and attract vermin.” (These comments would make even Archie Bunker cringe) Not only that, but former Clippers executive and NBA Hall of Famer Elgin Baylor sued Sterling for employment discrimination on the basis of age and race in 2009. Even former players, like Baron Davis and Al Thornton, despised playing for this guy because of vile comments he made towards them. It’s even been reported that Sterling would bring his friends into the locker room after the game while the players were showering and say, “Look at those beautiful black bodies.” SMH.

For 33 years, the Clippers have been owned by probably one of the worst owners in professional sports history–since coming to LA in 1984, the Clippers have had a record 858 wins and 1,472 losses.  But now, Mr. Sterling’s  racist comments have been made public and he’s out of the league FOR LIFE! (Bravo, Commissioner Silver!) Hopefully, their new owner, or owners, will see the players as people instead of property, and we can all move on past the mess known as Donald Sterling.