All Walks Of Life: The Great Debate b/w a Liberal & a Capitalist


On my final podcast of the year, I had a thrilling debate b/w a liberal, Alex Rowell, and a capitalist, Brian Underwood. The topics are healthcare, student loans, gay marriage, abortion, the debt & the 2016 election. Really, really great discussion. Also on ITunes:

New All Walks Of Life Podcast: Conversations with a Teacher turned Lawyer






I had a great conversation with Sasha Legette, a former teacher in the Atlanta public school system who now is a law student at the University of Georgia School of Law. We talked about teaching, running a classroom, how to deal with students, the education system, and more! Really good conversation.

New All Walks Of Life Podcast: Conversations with A Young Democrat


I had great conversations with the political director of the Young Democrats at the University of Georgia, Alex Rowell. We talked about politics: Obamacare, Obama, republicans, gay marriage, 2016, and more! This is a little old but it still was a good conversation.