Sunrise at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Comedy Travel Writing

When it comes to time of day, I don’t have too many preferences. I mean, obviously 7pm is pretty sweet, 1am needs some kind of award for excellence, and 12 noon deserves a special place in everyone’s hearts, but beyond that I’m not too fussed.

However, 4am is hands down the worst time of day. 3am and you might still be awake and in the last throes of a whiskey-fuelled creativity orgy, 5am and you’re likely waking up with birdsong and the sense that, yes, today will be a good day. But 4am, man, 4am blows. You wake up and feel like you’ve never slept, it’s still totally dark outside, and you want to punch in the face the man who invented this god-awful time.

So I wasn’t feeling good when I woke up in my hostel dorm in Siem Reap, Cambodia, at 4:16am (apparently I’d hit 2 lots of…

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