Heads Up!

Crystal Cave is the most famous of Bermuda’s many subterranean caverns. It is located in Hamilton Parish, close to Castle Harbour. The cave is approximately 500 m long, and 62 m deep. Lower 19 – 20 m are below water level. The cave formed at lower sea level and, as the sea level rose, many speleothems, which formed in air, now are under water level. A tourist attraction since 1907, it was discovered in 1905 by Carl Gibbons and Edgar Hollis, two 12 year-old boys searching for a lost cricket ball. Soon after, the Wilkinson family (the owners of the property since 1884) learned of the discovery, Mr. Percy Wilkinson lowered his 14 year-old son Bernard into it with a bicycle lamp on 140 feet of strong rope tied to a tree to explore the cave. This is pretty cool place; I definitely want to visit.


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