All Walks of Life Podcast


Hey to all followers of my blog and others. I’ve decided to change the name of my podcast and my blog. I changed the name of my blog to PlanetSellas as many of you can tell. It reflects the idea of the blog which is to post things that I find funny and interesting. I changed the name of my podcast to All Walks Of Life because that is what I want my podcast to be about. I love meeting interesting people, and I’ve always been curious about people from all walks of life. So, I will have conversations with people from different backgrounds, cultures, religions, & etc. I want to bring their perspectives to life, and I want people to become less ignorant about people from all over the world. The podcast will still consists of conversations about sports, religion, politics, and culture, but my guest will just be from various walks of life: A Mormon, a Republican, a law student, a person from Italy, and Feminist, for example. It will be fun, lively, and informative conservation. Please tune in to the podcast. I think you will enjoy if you love to learn about people! Thanks and God bless you for supporting this blog! Click this link:


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