A little town by the sea

A little town by the sea

Last summer, I was blessed to visit this little town in the Canary Islands. It is called Agaete. It is located in the northwest part of the island of Gran Canaria. If you have ever visited the Andalusia area of Spain, southern Spain, then you might have seen pueblos blancos, or white towns, which is what this town is. The beautiful whitewashed walls give the town a sense of peace and calm.

The town has a population of about 5,700 people, all of whom were nice and pleasant to me. It has great seafood and the beach–though unless you like rocky beaches then you probably won’t like this one. It is also home to one of Gran Canaria’s natural landmarks, The Finger of God, or El Dedo de Dios. Though, sadly, a tropical storm actually caused damage to the natural landmark in 2005.

If you ever get a chance to visit the Canary Islands make sure this is on your places to visit. I will post more photos of my adventures in Spain and other countries later.Viva Espana.


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