And now, a letter from your son’s teacher


3 thoughts on “And now, a letter from your son’s teacher

  1. oh dear… My son once answered the homework question “Can you name the states surrounding Ohio?” with a “Yes I can.” He received no credit dispite the fact that the question was poorly worded. “Can you..” and “Name the states..” are very different.

  2. Sadly, this isn’t surprising.

    I know of at least one state where university graduates majoring in math are insufficiently competent in the subject to teach it in middle school.

  3. I start off the year letting my students know, gasp, that I will get some things wrong as well as make a few mistakes. That being said, I let them know if I’m wrong just do it respectfully. I go into a thing about having mutual respect for each other because when they get things wrong, I would never try to embarass them, so I expect the same. I also tell them that I’m not the smartest person, so they may have to keep me on my toes:) It breaks the tension, and it takes away those “gotcha” moments.

    The letter sounds like the teacher is frustrated, and they kind of backed themselves into a corner. How long have they been teaching. Some teachers are scared to make mistakes in class; I just laugh along with the class. Kids tend to respond better to a teacher that’s willing to be a human being;)

    ps. please forgive any grammar errors – I’m on my mobile device… Good post

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