The Great Divide

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Many years ago, democrats and republicans could get things done. They worked together to pass major civil rights legislation; they worked together to pass reforms on social security in 1980s; and they worked together to pass trivial laws, like naming of post office. Nowadays, they can’t agree on anything. Things never get done in D.C. You’ll see two separate press conferences, and then two separate press ops. The bipartisanship of old does not exist.

Now, we, the American people, are aware that the Congress is inept, incompetent,  and filled with pinheads–Thanks, Bill. Yet, though Congress has a 14% approval rating, according to RealClearPolitics, there is a good chance that these same men and women will likely retain there seats in the next congressional election in 2014. 90% percent of house members and 91% percent of senators got reelected in 2012. Why do we the people keep staying in this abusive relationship? We hate that your power, but we love to complain about you. It is almost as if the American people are a young girl who dates the bad boy. She knows the boy is bad for her; she knows he doesn’t treat like she be treated. Yet, she gets some type sick thrill from being in this tumultuous relationship. Maybe, she likes complaining about how horrible he is to her girlfriends? Maybe, we like complaining about how horrible our congress is to the media? Does just talking about horrible something is make it better?

Do you know your congressman’s name? Most of us don’t even know are congressman’s name–35% percent. Do you know what your congressman/congresswoman does on an average day? Did you that these people who we pay with our own tax dollars—174,000 dollars per year—take 239 days off for vacation this year. 239 days off for vacation? For what? So they can go golfing? So they can campaign and get more funds for the upcoming 2014 election? Let me ask you this: how many of you see your congressman/congresswoman in your district when they are on these so-called vacations? Huh. How effective can someone be at their job if they are never there?

Watch C-SPAN, if you can bear it, and you’ll notice that barely anyone is in the congressional chambers. So what are these people doing? Maybe they are all whining, bitching, and moaning for show. Yeah, that’s it. Maybe, there pretending to have such righteous anger in order to mask there bull…crap. Because of their vacation, and because of their inability to work together, 7 million college  and graduate students, many of whom will be future congressmen and women, will suffer an increase on their student loans, delaying there time to acquire the American Dream. Because of their pride in this constant game of One-upmanship, we the people now don’t have trust in our Congress, the branch of the people. The leaders of the Congress–Pelosi, Reid, Boehner, McConnell–don’t give damn about we the people; they only care about their power and prestige. And because of their pride, this nation likely will fall. I May Be Wrong…But I Doubt It.

Cyrus Dogood


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