Snowden’s withdrawing Asylum bid

Paresh Nath - The Khaleej Times, UAE - Snowden & Uncle Sam COLOR - English - 		Edward Snowden,CIA contractor,fugitive,mouse,rat chasing,Cat Uncle Sam,mouse trap,Snowden escape

After Dictator Putin stating that Snowden can only stay if he stops hurting “Our American Partners,” Snowden has decided to withdraw his asylum bid in Russia. Snowden had applied for asylum in 15 countries, not 21 as had been claimed by anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks a day earlier. It was thought that Snowden would eventually head for Ecuador, but the president of the South American country said this week that no asylum request was sent and suggested Russia would make the call on when Snowden could leave and where he would go. Putin said Russia was not working with Snowden but also did not plan to give him  to the United States.  Today, the Prseident of Venezuela said that the world should support Mr.Snowden, and that if he applied for asylum in Venezuela, he would strongly consider it. He knows where Snowden will end up. Let’s just hope that he can continue to inform the American people about the US’s Orwellian surveillance program.


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