YEEZUS: The Age of Idolatry


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Do we live in a time where self-worship is rampant? Celebrities, and wanna be celebrities, are regarded as idols; people copy their ideas, opinions, and actions and use these things as guidelines  in their lives. The constant barrage of celebrity culture has made people feel inadequate about their own lives. Now, almost everyone wants to be a famous–they want pictures taken of them(Instagram), people gossiping about them(Facebook), and people adoring them(Twitter). Because of the God-complex that the famous people have, and that the Average Joe wants to have, things that are downright ridiculous, and some would say blasphemous, are accepted as creative expression and quality art. Since when did believing that you are on the same level as Jesus Christ become ok?—Kanye West(I’m a God): I’m the most high/but I’m a close tie. Mr. West, and others in hip-hop and pop music, do nothing but promote self-worship, boasting, and getting money. Live it up and enjoy the pleasures of this life because YOLO! Now, look I’m not a saint, nor I’m immune to the temptations of fame–everyone who has a blog wants to be heard and wants attention–but alot of the messages that are coming from this generations music–Lady Gaga, Jay-Z,  Beyonce, Nicky Minaj— do nothing but promote Idolatry. I may be wrong…but I doubt it. Tell me what you think? Do you see a lot Idolatry in society or in music? Listen to my podcast at the link above. I’ll have a special guest on the podcast: KANYE WEST. That’s right KANYE WEST tells us what he thinks about idolatry.

(Excuse me for some of the harshness but I was going off emotion in the podcast and in the blog post) 2 Timothy 3:1-5


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