A Blow to Obama’s Credibility

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Were we foolish? How did he bamboozle us? I’m speaking as a former Obama supporter. You know? Someone who believed in all this hopey-changey stuff.(Sarah Palin Impersonation) He promised that he would not enhance the Bush-Cheney surveillance program. He promised that he would be more transparent. Yet, did you know that his administration is the least transparent since…….that’s right Richard Milhouse Nixon. Obama is the new Tricky Dick??? Maybe, I shouldn’t go that far–yet.

The Obama Administration has vastly expanded the government’s secret surveillance program. Almost everyday we become more and more aware of various civil liberties abuses by this administration. However, this same man, who ran on campaign of a friendly, transparent government, has yet to truly explain why this is occurring, or how truly effective the NSA’s spying program is. Why is that? Does the President believe that we the people are idiots? Does he who that his friends in the media will distract us with some trivial news story—Kim and Kanye’s new baby, Paula Deen’s dreams of a plantation wedding, the Aaron Hernandez trial. If you think that a softball interview with Charlie Rose is sufficient, then your just drinking the Obama kool-aid.

How can anyone be satisfied with Obama’s answers. In the interview with Charlie Rose, President Obama stated this: “My concern has always been not that we shouldn’t do intelligence gathering to prevent terrorism, but rather are we setting up a system of checks and balances.” Who can check the NSA? The FISA court? From what has been released by the Washington Post, The Guardian, WIRED Magazine, The Economist, and Democracy Now, the FISA court is a dummy court—the overwhelming majority of request for domestic surveillance by the NSA and FBI have been granted. So a secret court is granting secret warrants. Hmmm. Yeah, Barack you sure do seem transparent.

Barack Obama has lied to us, specifically us young people believed in him, and failed to keep a campaign promise which, I may add, he could have actually kept. Do trust Barack Obama? Should we trust our government? If so, why? If this NSA scandals proves anything it’s to never put your hopes in man. I may be wrong…but I doubt it.

Cyrus Dogood


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