Patriot or Benedict Arnold?″>Listen to this episode

What do you think about Mr. Snowden? Does he love his country? Was it right for him to reveal top-secret information about the government’s surveillance program? I’m discussing this in my latest podcast. Tune in. Go to the link above to listen.

J.D. Crowe - Mobile Register - Edward Snowden Traitor or patriot - English - Edward Snowden, NSA, leak


3 thoughts on “Patriot or Benedict Arnold?

  1. My unqualified guess is…neither. Big reduction in salary compared to his previous CIA work. Short-term, subcontracted IT guy. To me it spells “disgruntled employee with an ax to grind, trying to embarrass his former employers”. Revenge motive for not promoting him.

    • You make a good point. But what does he gain if this is for revenge?

      • He makes his former bosses look like evil Big Brother to the public, which has already worked to a degree. It’s a way of thumbing his nose at them like, “See? You shouldn’t have let me go.” He also gets to sell (possibly worthless) data to the Chinese, or whoever will trade asylum.

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