Patriot or Benedict Arnold?″>Listen to this episode

What do you think about Mr. Snowden? Does he love his country? Was it right for him to reveal top-secret information about the government’s surveillance program? I’m discussing this in my latest podcast. Tune in. Go to the link above to listen.

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Drones in Sky: Skywatchers″>Listen to this episode

Drones are coming to a sky near you. Privacy is slowly but surely dying before our eyes. Congress passed H.R. 658. on February 6th, 2012—a bill that allows FAA, Federal Aviation Administration,  to sanction drones to be used in a variety of commercial endeavors—selling real estate, dust cropping, monitor oil spills and wildlife, and shoot Hollywood films. Imagine your sitting in your backyard and all of a sudden you hear a buzzing. No, that’s not your neighbor cutting his lawn, that’s a drone in the sky! Go to the above link for my podcast and other interesting articles. And tell me what do you think about drones?

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Check out my Podcast


I just started my podcast and it is on the website above. This blog will have pictures and commentary about topics related to the podcast and that blog. If you enjoy talking about politics, culture, sports, and religion, then come and listen!

The first three podcasts are about Privacy, Edward Snowden, and the recent NSA scandals.

Hello World


I’m new to blogging. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I plan on creating a podcast. I’d like to think that I’m a bit of dilettante–a person who knows a little bit about everything. So my blog and podcast will be about everything. However, I don’t know what I’m doing, but I think I’ll be good at this podcast thing. I hope you enjoy!

PS: I don’t know when I will upload my first podcast, but until then I will try to entertain and inform with my writing skills. 🙂